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PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana (JKS) is a national contracting company that offers construction services. Indonesia as one of the large-scale contractors, JKS has competence construction projects structural and architectural commercial buildings throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

Having a complete construction equipment, JKS already  completed dozens of major projects spread in most parts of Indonesia. These projects includes a variety of sectors, ranging from hotels and restaurants, real estate, industry, banking to education.

The diversity of project type JKS of course comes from the confidence of clients to the reputation of a company known for reliable, always give the best, and especially, focus on timeliness to complete projects high quality for the satisfaction of the client.

We understand that each client has specific needs and goals. This makes each project unique; so that we looked at each project as a masterpiece. This approach is what is a better value JKS compared with similar companies, so as to obtain a special place in the hearts of his clients.

In addition to its headquarters in Jakarta, JKS also has offices in Bali and Kalimantan to serve her clients spread in various parts of Indonesia.

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