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PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana (JKS) is a national contracting company that offers services of structural and architectural construction. Supported by competent human resources and extensive experience, JKS handle each project with DEDICATION OF HIGH QUALITY and Priorities on. So the end result is a masterpiece, the embodiment of our clients desire.

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To improve service, in 1994 PT Jaya Kusuma Sarana (JKS) spread its wings by establishing PT Kharisma Unimitra Pacific. Operating under the same management with JKS, the company offers services of interior construction, manufacture of furniture for hotels, apartments, department stores, offices, restaurants and universities. For more information, please visit sites PT Unimitra Pacific Kharisma
Project Name : Hotel Mercure
Project Name : Office One
Locations : Karawang
Locations : Kuningan, Jakarta
Project Started : 2014
Project Started : 2014
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